Trump Sentiment Tracker

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The Trump Sentiment Tracker uses real-time twitter data to determine the current public perception of President Donald Trump. The web application streams all tweets containing the word 'Trump' within the last five minutes of being launched. The tweets are then put through sentiment analysis in order to determine how positive or negative they are. Lastly, the sentiment scores are averaged and reported to you using the visualization seen above. For best results, keep this tab open for a few minutes and then check it out.

My name is Conor Dewey. I am currently an undergraduate student at Virgina Tech studying data science. I completed this project in order to further improve my development and design related skill sets. If you're interested in the code itself, feel free to have a look at my Github. For more on me and my work, you can head over to my portfolio or LinkedIn. Lastly, if you're interested in data science, machine learning, or AI then go ahead and subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Thanks for reading.

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